1st of December to 22nd of December

Domino Thursdays
One of our most popular group activities is the domino sessions we have every Thursday afternoon. Come and join us and discover 3 sided as well as regular dominos!
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Past Events

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Open Day 22 January 2020, Social Club St Andrews



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Our Community Café  at Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Queens Gardens, St Andrews.



Upcoming Events



Health Walk Group  Botanic Garden 11 am


Lunch 12 pm

Post Office 12.30- 2.30


Storehouse Foodbank 11-1pm

Clothesline 11-1pm

Hubbub Singing Group 1.15 pm

Comming back soon:

‘The Well’ advice from Health and Social Care staff


Lunch Club 12.30 pm

Comming back soon:

Church Service


Storehouse Foodbank 11-1pm

Clothesline 11-1pm

Dominos all day

Post Office 1-3pm

Arts and Craft 1-2.30pm

Coming back soon:

Credit Union


Sewing Bees 10.30 -12.30